Alderney Photograph by Graham Wright

Aaron is Level 5 Change Ringer with ART

Aaron secured his Level 1 in Nov 2015 & now 18 months later he has his Level 5 – the highest Level in the ART scheme & we believe the first Channel Island ringer to achieve this Level.
The Alderney band all share in Aaron’s success – a team effort of chauffeuring, escorting, standing behind, ringing alternate strokes, box carrying, explaining, chocolate buying – has all paid off. Aaron is now a regular member of our advanced practice squad & last week rang plain courses of Stedman Doubles ☺
Aaron secured his Level 5 with an excellent quarter peal inside for Grandsire Doubles , but has already rung inside for quarter peals of St Clement’s , the treble to Cambridge minor and treble to bob major. Now with 18 quarter peals under his belt we are planning Aaron’s first peal over the summer.
What’s next with ART? Learn the Ropes plus offers encouragement to progress through Stedman Triples and surprise major, also to try some conducting and handbell ringing – all geared to produce an excellent all-round great ringer – watch this space☺



Aaron Level 5

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