A&P have new Officers

At our Spring Meeting last Saturday we were finally able to appoint a new District Secretary.  It’s taken 15 months and a re-write of the District Officers Guidelines so that the work load is shared more evenly, but Melanie Moore from St. Peter’s in Petersfield has agreed to take the job on, and we are more than happy to have her.

We also created a post of Publicity Officer, for which I was nominated and seconded, and, as I am definitely getting better at posting items on the Guild website, and actually quite enjoy doing posters etc. I was happy to accept.

One other change was made, it was thought that the title Librarian didn’t really relate to what Judy Sparling actually does, so alternative titles such as Book Seller and Book Shop were discussed, before the suggestion of Educational Resource Officer was accepted. This being a ‘future proof’ title that allows for other types of media, not just books.

Life in the Alton & Petersfield District under our new Chairman, Mike Novell, is definitely not going to be dull. Who knows what might happen next.

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