Don Exell Competition full of Drama

St Mary’s Church, Carisbrooke, held the 8-bell Striking Don Exell Trophy Competition yesterday (Saturday).

Five Island teams entered but as with a lot of things, not everything went to plan.

Steve Castle judged the competition, once we had verified his passport and visa were up to Island standard, and supplied during the afternoon with tea and lots of cake from the Carisbrooke ringers to keep his wits about him!

First to ring were the combined Shanklin and Swanmore team ringing call changes and setting the bar for the other teams.

Brighstone rang next, which is when things started to go awry. After commencing with the practice ring one of the ringers had trouble with an old injury to his arm and had to retire from the team. Quickly replaced with a substitute the competition continued, again ringing call changes for their piece.

Next up were the Ryde and Friends team and although a scratch team who had not rung together before rang Plain Hunt Triples.

Godshill took the ropes in 4th place but shortly into their piece the stay of the 4th bell broke injuring the ringer. Shaken up a bit by the incident the team decided to retire from the competition. The ringer in question is, I am informed, ok and has some hand injuries but not ringing-threatening!

Brading took the ropes last, deciding to ring valiantly with a broken stay. This team also rang call changes.

The final scoring was as follows: 1st, Shanklin/Swanmore (team 1) 70%; 2nd, Brading (team 5) 68%; 3rd, Ryde and Friends (team 3) 62%; 4th, Brighstone (team 2) 59%.

Steve presented the Trophy to Marghanita Allen who was volunteered to receive the cut glass bowl.

A great afternoon and we thank all the Carisbrooke ringers for putting on the tea and making us feel so welcome. Special thanks to Steve for making the journey over to us and playing his part in the day.

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