Happy Birthday Evelyn!

Duncan asked whether we had organised a QP attempt for today because if so he would like to dedicate it to his daughter, Evelyn whose birthday it is.

A minor band was quickly found and we asked what Evelyn would like us to ring for her birthday. The answer came back “Spliced Kent and Oxford” Why do I get the impression that Evelyn had very little to do with that suggestion?

We duly turned up and tried to persuade Duncan that spliced Kent and Oxford was too ambitious for today. He believed us when we had a few false starts of Oxford! Time ticked on as we threw around a few ideas of what we might ring that had a reasonable chance of coming round and we eventually settled on splicing the St Simon’s group. I haven’t tenored behind for a while so volunteered and managed to push them along quite nicely in 40 minutes.

Enjoy your birthday Evelyn; maybe it won’t be long before you too can ring in a quarter peal.

On Wednesday, 5 April 2017 in 40min
Guernsey, CI Town Church Tenor: 11cwt
1320 Spliced Doubles (4m)

360 St Simon’s, 360 St Martin’s, 300 St Oswald, 300 Eynesbury, 64 c.o.m.

  1.  John Lihou
  2.  Sue Park
  3.  Jane Le Conte
  4.  Duncan Loweth (C)
  5.  Paul Lawrence
  6.  Sue Le Feuvre

Birthday compliment to Evelyn Loweth, daughter of the 4.

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