The first draw of the revived 200 Club

The first draw of the revived 200 Club took place this morning after the Guild Executive Committee meeting. A total of £180 had been received to date, giving £90 to go to the Training & Development Fund and £90 to be split for prizes. These were drawn as follows:

Prize    % of Prize    Fund Amount      Winning number          Prizewinner
First           50%      £45                           14              Rosalind  Brandwood
Second       20%      £18                             5   Christine Knights-Whittome
Third          10%      £9                             29                           Aila Peacock
Fourth        10%       £9                              8                 Mike Winterbourne
Fifth            5%        £4.50                         9          Margaret Winterbourne
Sixth           5%        £4.50                         3                     Alexander Gray
The next draw will take place on Saturday 17th June 2017 at the Guild AGM at Milford on Sea. Moneys received between now and the AGM will go into that draw, including any standing orders not yet shown in my last bank statement. Please send me your forms, which may be found on the Guild website under ‘200 Club’.

Robin Milford

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