It’s been an interesting week…

We started with an attempt at a QP of Double Court Bob Minor on Sunday evening which just wasn’t going to happen so we eventually settled for Plain Bob Minor with the Double Court re-scheduled for Wednesday.

But we fared no better on Wednesday so after trying Double Oxford and Cambridge we decided to use the time to practice and try the QP again on Friday.

Thursday is practice evening and with a few people missing for various reasons there were 7 of us there and Duncan seriously put us through our paces with everything being spliced.  Not wishing to ease us in gently we started with Grandsire, Plain Bob, St Simon’s and St Martins Doubles. Contrary to the usual advice of ‘when you hear a call don’t panic you have time’ when called on or out of Grandsire we soon found out that you don’t have time to think about it; you have to do it. Now!

Things I remember are Kent and Oxford and Cambridge and Plain. I know there was more but we realised how hard we had been working when Plain and Little was called for. Duncan called “Go Plain Bob Minor” and more than one of us couldn’t remember how to ring Plain Bob!

To crown it all the pub we normally use is still closed for renovation! But we tried a different one and may even try yet a different one again next week and change our regular venue to one that has less giant screen TVs all around the bar.

Oh the QP of Double Court? Yes, we got that. It wasn’t the best struck quarter and Duncan worked hard as conductor but it was a first for all and we can tick it off.

On Friday, 24 March 2017 in 41min
Guernsey, CI Town Church Tenor: 11cwt
1260 Double Court Bob Minor

  1.  John Lihou
  2.  Jane Le Conte
  3.  Paul Lawrence
  4.  Sue Le Feuvre
  5.  David Reeves
  6.  Duncan Loweth (C)

First in method for all

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