CCCBR Methods Committee consultation on Decisions re peals

The Central Council’s Methods Committee are consulting on changes to what would allow a peal to be included in the analysis that the Peal Records Committee do each year. You can find their thoughts in the links under the heading ‘2017 Consultation on the Central Council Decisions’ at

A lot of people find the Decisions​ around what counts for a peal to be recorded (and what allows a method to be rung in a peal like that) to be obscure technical points where they will follow the guidance of the experts, but to give a personal opinion, it seems to me that issues such as whether a peal should be audible from outside, whether ringing on a simulator is acceptable and when mistakes should be corrected (broadly, the proposals for decisions Decisions 3.0(a) and (d)) are entirely suitable for ringers as a whole to express an opinion on – so please email responses as requested to the Methods Committee, or let your CC rep know what your view is!

Giles Blundell

For CCCBR PR Committee (but note where personal opinion given).

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