Until 1998 the parish possessed a single bell cast in 1892 by Mears & Stainbank of Whitechapel The bell measured 35 3/8 ” in diameter and weighed approximately 8cwt, The bell was hung in an oak bell frame designed and constructed to house four bells, though only the single bell was ever installed and that was hung with full-circle ringing fittings.

As its contribution to the forthcoming millennium celebrations, the parish launched a project to replace the, original single bell with a ring of 6 bells hung for change-ringing. Valuable financial assistance was obtained from the Ringing in the Millennium Project, supported by funds from the National lottery, as well as from other charitable sources.

In 1998 Nicholson Engineering commenced the dismantling of the old bell installation and the design and construction of the new bell-frame and fittings. The original bell together with its frame and fittings was taken to Buscot in Oxfordshire where it forms the core of a restored ring of four. The original clapper was presented back to us and is to be seen on the east window sill of the Nave.

Installation of the new bell-frame, bells and fittings began on 24th May, 1999 when the new bells were delivered to the church, all being completed ready for the first tryout of the new bells on Friday II” June, 1999.

The bells each have inscriptions as below

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