Last Chance to order a Guild Sweatshirt

Just in case there is anybody out there who hasn’t yet sent in their order for a Guild sweatshirt or Polo shirt – can I just give you a quick reminder that I need the orders in by 31st March. Here is the order form (both Word and pdf), from which you will see that the prices are the same as in 2016.

Don’t forget, too, that if you don’t fancy one of these, you can always provide your own garment to which the Guild logo can be added. Maybe you have a fleece, or a body-warmer, or a jacket, which would suit you better. Again, I need the garment by 31st March.

I will take some forms to the Guild Executive meeting on 25th March, and can send them out to anybody who needs them, but I’m happy to answer any queries, either by email, or by phone

Be aware – if you miss it this time, there is unlikely to be another opportunity until Autumn 2018. It is not possible to ask the suppliers if they can “just do a one off” if you miss this chance.

Many thanks.

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