A&P Skittle report

Numbers may have been down, but fun was still had by everyone who went to the annual A&P district skittle evening last Saturday. It was my go first and, as expected, I made pretty much everyone else look good by only getting two pins down with all three balls. It’s amazing how much space there is between, and down the side of, 9 skittles when the ball is only the size of a grapefruit. Various techniques were employed by the others present, some trying to aim and roll in quite a controlled fashion, others hurling the ball down so fast it didn’t have time to go off course, and many was the excuse for why some weren’t doing so well; the pins are too thin! the ball’s too small! the alley isn’t flat! Strange how all those ‘faults’ didn’t stop David Hughes (Buriton) from getting a winning score of 35, even though he said that he couldn’t bend properly because he needs a hip replacement. Maybe that’s the trick, don’t bend. The two equal highest scoring ladies, Nikki Alderslade and Penny Rehbein had a shoot out to decide the winner, with Nikki coming out on top and Penny a gracious second place. Unfortunately there is always a loser too (a career best score of 15 kept me out of that spot, amazingly), and ironically this year’s lowest score was posted by Rita Hughes, David’s wife.

During the evening we also had a raffle with a number of interesting prizes, one of which was a generously donated glider flight. The first few tickets were drawn and the flight remained on the table, but then John Stone’s number was called. John is a septuagenarian retired police sergeant and scout leader, and he is absolutely thrilled with his prize. He says he’s done a flight before and really enjoyed it, so he’s looking forward to another one. Good luck John, I hope you have a great time.

At the end of the evening our Chairman, Mike Novell, thanked everyone for coming, Steve for doing the scoring, Liz and Charlotte for running the raffle and Joshua for standing the pins up most of the time.

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