Practice Night Plans at Bournemouth St. Peter’s

From Thursday 9th of March, there will be regular practice nights at St. Peter’s once again. The home band will be hosting the Learners’ group from Christchurch Priory, and plan to spend the next 6 months helping them to become competent Sunday Ringers.

The practices will be dedicated to ringing Rounds and Call Changes, with a focus on good striking, confident bell handling, and those small but important skills that are difficult to fit in on a conventional practice night, such as ringing up and down in peal.

The limited scope of the practices means it is an ideal opportunity for a new Ringing Master to find their feet and so Rosalind Martin from Christchurch will be taking this role, supported by Tim Kettle who is Tower Captain at St. Peter’s.

It is intended, as soon as possible, to open these practice nights to visitors (novice and expert), but we would like to find our feet first as a group so please await further news before you come and join us! Meanwhile we will be drawing on helpers from Bournemouth Sacred Heart and the Priory to make sure that the band is consistently strong and able to help the novices to learn the planned skills, and to enable the home band to take holidays!!

We hope that in this way both towers will be strengthened, by enabling a new generation of ringers to learn the necessary skills. 

The Monday Evening practice at the Priory will be continue to be focussed on methods (Plain Hunt onwards) and visitors are of course welcome at any time to come and work on their method ringing skills with us there.

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