Winchester Cathedral Photograph by Colin Cook

Winchester Cathedral Access Arrangements

Dear All,

Something you all need to be aware of – which I quote from the Cathedral Diary website:-

“Please note that building works in the south transept now affect how we access the tower. This is likely to be for several months so check here for updates.

On Wednesday evenings, a volunteer will be on duty at the South door (inner close) from 7.30 to 7.45 after which time the door will be locked. Access is then via the south-west turret staircase which is located at the back of the cathedral to the left of, and immediately below the great west window. If you are not familiar with this route, please ascend with one of the cathedral ringers.

On Sunday, and for other ringing when the cathedral is open (e.g. weddings), please enter the cathedral at the west end and then via the south-west turret stairs. The virgers and desk staff will be informed and should allow unhindered access. If you are unfamiliar with this, please contact the Tower Secretary (Bruce Purvis) in advance and he will arrange for you to be met.”

Best wishes, and we look forward to seeing you, as always ….

Secretary,  Winchester Cathedral Bellringers

PS. You get a wonderful view from the nave parapet before you walk along the nave roof-space.

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