Duncan’s Donkeys Done Good Again!

When I had an email yesterday afternoon confirming that we had a doubles band for a Wednesday lunchtime QP attempt and nothing had been mentioned about a special method I imagined something safe and easy; maybe Grandsire Doubles… but that email was soon followed by one from Duncan saying Thornborough Slow Course Doubles but instead of the bob being a Wallflower Extreme we are going to ring the variation which just plain hunts for the bob. To be fair he did give a description of how each bell is affected at the bob. Easy then.

It didn’t seem too difficult as I thought it through but the minute the treble said “Treble’s going” my mind went blank. But a few rounds and panic over and we got started. We all had a few hiccups along the way but yet again we managed to never all go wrong at once and it didn’t seem long before Duncan called “That’s All!” So another first scored.

It was at this point that Duncan said we could name it because the variation had not been previously rung. There were a few suggestions ;”On your pushang” was probably something we should have said to Duncan when he suggested yet another leap into the world of new methods; Sarnia was a possibility but we eventually decided on Donkey Doubles. Well we were stubborn enough to get through the method despite a few trips here and there.

And for anyone missing the connection, Guernsey folk are proud to be called Donkeys. The origin of this seems to be uncertain but we are certainly stubborn.

On Wednesday, 8 February 2017 in 47min
Guernsey, CI Town Church Tenor: 11cwt
1320 Donkey Doubles

1. John Lihou
2. Jane Le Conte
3. Paul Lawrence
4. Sue Le Feuvre
5. Duncan Loweth (C)
6. Janice Firth

The band would like to name the variation ‘Donkey Doubles’
Thornborough Slow Course with plain hunt for for bob.

Sue Le Feuvre

Photograph shows the Town Church with a bronze statue of a donkey and her foal in the foreground.

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