Listening Skills – Saturday 8th April 2017

If you haven’t tried this before – this is one for  you!

Attached are posters and application forms (both Word and pdf versions) for the Education Committee’s day on Listening Skills, based at Lockerley & East Dean Memorial Hall on Saturday 8th April 2017.

This is specifically aimed at helping ringers to listen, to interpret what they are hearing, and to adjust their ringing accordingly.    It is a designed to be fun as well as informative and will cover a range of different exercises and activities including some practical ringing.   You will see that it is for ringers of all levels, even relative beginners, so if you haven’t joined an Education Day before, this is one where you will meet others “on a level playing field” and our aim is that, whilst we have experts on hand to help and guide you, you should never find yourself feeling out of your depth.    And this is a day when the Education Committee also provides a hot lunch in the middle of the day!   

There has been a high demand for places on Education Days so far this year – so if this is of interest you need to get your application in early.

As always, I’m more than happy to answer any questions, either by email, or by ‘phone on 01962 886939.



PDF Format

Microsoft Word format


PDF Format

Microsoft Word Format

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