How to Prepare the Weekly News (mostly archiving)

Please see also which explains how to send out all the emails and FB posts. This page covers to weekly archive/check of new material that needs to be done beforehand. 

Aims of the Preparation tasks

  • Invitations to past events are archived to avoid clutter.
  • Generally, Headlines that have done a full week and been included in the weekly news before are either de-headlined and archived (if they are news). Future events usually remain as headlines until after the event.
  • The categories used on each live piece of news are correct, ie they are placing the news together with similar items (Guild stuff all together, District events and news all together, Tower events/news together, etc etc).
  • Non-headline news is archived once it has lost its shine – this is after the full week’s cycle in most cases, but critical stuff like long term cancellations of ringing are worth leaving for longer. If in doubt, leave as news.
  • The “HEADLINES” category should be removed from all archived material. This is because some other websites use this as an RSS feed so it should be kept clean and tidy for them. Therefore it is not essential to do this every week, but desirable.
  • Every headline has an image (to support good layout)

Archiving out-of-date invitations mid-week

This can be done every evening if you want to – just check posts that are marked  1 THIS WEEK by clicking here, tick any that have already happened, click Buk Actions, Edit, and tick ARCHIVE, then click UPDATE.

Weekly – moving the weeks up.

This is the core management activity of the invitation system and needs to be done on Friday afternoon before the weekly news goes out.

  1. Look at this week’s invitations. If any is for the Friday evening itself, un-tick the date category (eg 2017 April 22nd-28th) and tick 0 THIS FRIDAY instead. This prevents today’s events from disappearing when you move the whole week into the archive.
  2. Now move the date category (eg 2017 April 22nd-28th) into the Archive, by clicking edit category and changing the parent.
  3. Now move the next date category (eg 2017 April 29th-May 05th) from 2 NEXT WEEK to 1 THIS WEEK by changing its parent.
  4. Pick up the correct week for 2 NEXT WEEK either from 3 REST OF THIS MONTH or from 2 NEXT MONTH.
  5. If it’s a month end then 1 MONTH AFTER NEXT dates will need to be relocated into 0 NEXT MONTH and then 1 MONTH AFTER NEXT dates refilled from the LONG TERM INVITATION group.
  6. A video of the whole month end process will be HERE once I have made it at a month end!!

Archiving non-invitation news

News items are archived by ticking the “archive” category. The non-archived top slot news items are all listed here. Top slot stuff should either be archived after a week (if just news) or downgraded to a headline if it is an invitation.

HEADLINE NEWS – once out of date, remove HEADLINES and tick ARCHIVE

NON – HEADLINE NEWS – once out of date, tick ARCHIVE


Checking images on headlines

Visit the front page and check that each headline has its own image. If not then add something relevant.

Wait an Hour or so

Before you start sending out the weekly news sheets. It can take this long for altered categories to be noticed across the website. Often it is faster but better safe than sorry.

What you won’t catch

Are items which have too few categories to make it onto the news pages. (They would be missing any of the news/invitation set of categories). This is achieved by giving support to new webmasters and also by them checking that their news is showing properly an hour after they create it.

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