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Bournemouth St Peter’s Bellringers to hold Crossroads AGM

As some of you are already aware, it has been decided to suspend practices at St Peter’s, Bournemouth, until further notice.  This has been  brought about by the unavailability of regular attendees for a variety of reasons.

Our AGM will be held as planned next Thursday 9 February at 8.30pm and we hope to ring beforehand.
Sunday ringing will continue as usual.
In the meantime I hope any of our ringers will be welcomed at other towers in the district to maintain ringing experience.
We will revue the situation at our AGM and endeavour to formulate a plan for the relaunch of regular practices.  Any advice from other towers that have experienced similar difficulties would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Bournemouth St Peter’s Bellringers to hold Crossroads AGM”

  1. Sorry to hear that Tim. Remember we ring once a month at Ringwood – – on the first Thursday of the month (following the first Wednesday) if that helps – all are welcome obviously. Or, of course, on Wednesday’s – except the first Wednesday of the month unless ayone would like to ring Surprise Major! Chris

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