YES!! A QP of Stedman Doubles by an All Town Church Guernsey Band

Six of us turned up at the Town Church at lunchtime today for a quarter peal. We hadn’t decided on a method so tossed a few ideas around. We had a minor band so tried to choose a method… then somebody had the bright idea of trying Stedman Doubles. Fine with me because I’d never found anyone willing to call a QP of Stedman for me.

And it went really well; a few trips but at no point did two of us doze off at the same time. That’s been on my wish list for many years now and I’m pleased to have scored it with an all Town Church band, in fact, the first by a Town Church band.

The ropes were pretty stiff and damp and one ringer soldiered on despite the pain of Ringing in the wRong bRa!

On Wednesday, 1 February 2017 in 43min

Guernsey, CI Town Church Tenor: 11cwt

1260 Stedman Doubles

  1.  Sue Le Feuvre
  2.  Paul Lawrence
  3.  Sue Park
  4.  Jane Le Conte
  5.  Duncan Loweth (C)
  6.  Judith Lainé

First in method: 1
First QP of Stedman Doubles: 2
First in method as conductor
First in method with all Town Church band.

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