CRAG Survey Closes Friday 3rd Feb

Dear fellow ringers

We have had a good response to our previous call for ringers to help by filling out the CRAG survey, but we are trying to ensure that as many ringers as possible are aware of the survey and have the opportunity to complete it, so we are sending out this reminder as the survey closes Friday 3rdFebruary.

Just to remind you CRAG was set up to look at how the Central Council works. You may think that is only relevant to a few ringers but the ideas we are testing are designed to improve the relevance of the Central Council to ALL ringers – of all ages and all abilities. The CRAG website contains links to background articles about the Central Council and about our work so far and we would suggest looking at these before trying to complete the survey. The homepage of the website is at .

Please do take part – it’s all designed to secure a healthy future for ringing!

Phil Barnes

Chairman, CRAG

twitter @cccbrcrag

facebook CRAG – The CCCBR Council Review Action Group

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