Town Church’s 2nd Annual simulator Contest a Ringing success!

Around 30 ringers from Alderney, Jersey and the other towers in Guernsey joined the Town Church ringers on Saturday for a day of tower bell ringing and a striking competition on the Saxilby simulator which was set up in the church. Tea, coffee and cake was available all day and at lunchtime soup and bread and cheese was added to the mix.

Last year the striking competition was held in the tower on a tied bell but this year worked so much better because were able to ring and use the simulator at the same time, and in fact in the morning the organist joined in the mix (it was happily agreed that we’d all get along together and we did!).

We were pleased that the Rector called in for a chat and a coffee. He seemed very happy  to see his church so full of people and action.

ITV sent a reporter and we were featured on the “And finally” slot at the end of the local news on Saturday evening with a few moments of ringing and a short interview with Janice. Click this link to see more of the ringing which John Fernandez (Channel TV reporter) has posted on Twitter.

Worthy winner of the “tenor behind” striking competition was Anne Dorey, a ringer at Forest/St Peters, Guernsey while joint winners of the “inside to PB Minor” were Duncan Loweth (Town Church) and Peter Bevis (Alderney). Attempts were made to get them to ring a plain course of Cambridge to determine the overall winner but it seemed that neither was willing to risk it!

Thank you Duncan for organising such a wonderful day and thank you everyone for supporting us.

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