Ryde Photo by John Stock

Death of Ryde Ringer’s Husband

Those of you who know Jo Davis, one of our bell ringers, will be saddened to hear of the death, at the age of 95, of husband Stanley last Friday.

Jo has asked me to thank all those of you who have already sent messages and telephoned either directly or through me and hopes she will see you all soon at one of our venues.

Stanley’s funeral has been set for 9.45 on Friday, 3rd February, but it is to be close family and I have been asked to attend to represent the bell ringers, which I am of course happy to do. No flowers have been requested and if anyone feels they would like to make a donation then please forward same to IoW Air Ambulance.

Stanley was at one time an avid cleaner of our brass in the Church during the 1990s apparently he said at the time that the ladies didn’t put in enough elbow grease! Don’t shoot the messenger ladies please! The ringers will be organising a quarter peal in his memory once we have the wheels to do so!

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