Obituary: Nigel Miller 1947 – 2016


Most Islanders, and some of our Mainland friends, have now heard of the sad passing on the 19th of December of ringer Nigel Miller.

Eldest of the well-known ringing Isle of Wight trio with sister Clarissa and brother Paul, Nigel was born in Croydon in January 1947. At the time the family lived in Kent and Nigel began his ringing at the 6-bell tower of Egerton at the age of 14 in 1961.

Nigel’s Mum was an Islander and like most Islanders tend to do they returned and took up residence in Seaview during 1969, with Nigel becoming a Ryde ringer.

His working career took him on many adventures with the Royal Navy and whilst stationed in Portsmouth he met and married his wife, Linda. They went on to have two children, Andrew and Louise, and two grandchildren, to whom, and his extended family, we all send our warmest thoughts and condolences.

Nigel was offered a job with the Irish Republican Navy so the young family moved to Carrigaline, near Cork. His job involved patrolling the seas for illegal fishermen especially from the Spanish trawler fleet. Knowing well the tricks of the Spanish he was invited to join the fleet as a Master which was based in Bilbao and the tables were turned! He also had a spell near Angola supplying oil rigs but had to have Nigerian troops on board just in case pirates, which operate in that area, decided to have a go at boarding his vessel. He finished his career with the oil rig supply ships near Aberdeen.

Because of his location back in Ireland he helped organise two successful Isle of Wight tours to the area. No doubt, knowing our lot, a good deal of riotous fun ensued!

Not known as a peal or quarter peal ringer Nigel was an experienced ringer with the Cork Cathedral band before ill health made it necessary to give up ringing.

When visiting his family on the Island he was always seen at our towers for a spot of practice and had many friends here who mourn his passing.

A quarter peal attempt of Plain Bob Major will be made in his memory on Saturday, 28th January, at St Saviour’s Church, Shanklin.

Abi in pace

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