Barton Stacey Photograph by Rosemary Oakeshott

Updated – Winchester District ADM – Sat 11th February at Barton Stacey

Winchester District Header


Dear All,

Couple of quick points about the forthcoming Annual Meeting of the District, a fortnight today.

Firstly I have secured the use of the Wonston bells from 2.00 onwards, for 3/4 hour, and put back the start of the ringing at Barton Stacey to 3.00 – this is shown on the attached poster documents; please bring to the attention of anyone you know who may be thinking of going to the meeting.

Secondly, here is a fresh version of the minutes of last November’s quarterly meeting, to correct a typo and a sentence that didn’t make sense and add a sentence about the belfry elections confirmed.

Best wishes, look forward to seeing you on the 11th

District Secretary – 28/01/2017


Dear All,

Here are the papers you need, and to circulate to your band members for the District’s Annual Meeting at Barton Stacey in just over three weeks’ time.

As always, the posts of the officers are open for election or re-election. So, to paraphrase the late President Kennedy, “Ask not what your District can do for you, ask what you can do for your District”. I have served as your District Secretary for the last six years, and Tony (Smith) and John (Colliss) have served as Treasurer and Examiner of the Accounts for at least that long. So if anyone does fancy any of the officer roles within the district, let me know so that we can forewarn the meeting.

And do, please, let Nicola  (contact Nicola Plummer) at Barton Stacey know in good time whether you are coming and would like a tea, and especially if there is anything you can do to help with the catering.

Look forward to seeing you on the 11th

District Secretary

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