Excellent Double Norwich Practice at Eling – Rosalind Martin reports

During the Guild Double Norwich course in 2015, the trainees decided they wanted to continue improving by organising Special Practices in different towers over the following few months.

In response to this idea, David Forder very kindly offered to organise a dedicated practice at Eling, which took place last night.

Four of the Trainees (out of a total of eight) were able to attend, and Andy Ingram (the Trainer from the course), plus one of the Helpers, and a strong turnout from the home band at Eling. Helpers also came from Minstead and Lyndhurst.

David Forder, who was Ringing Master for the evening, provided a solid diet of plain courses and touches, with the trainees swapping in and out to ensure the bands stayed strong and the ringing was of a good standard.

With enough experts to provide a stander each, the trainees all felt that they gained a lot from the experience. Thanks to David also for his clear explanation of some of the technical terms and his quiz questions throughout! Luckily all 4 trainees had done lots of homework with pencil and paper or computers, so were able to answer most of them.

Two quotes from the evening:

Learning Double Norwich has finally meant that I understand Course and After Bells and I find it really useful.      (Aila Peacock)

Excellent Double Norwich Practice (Tim Martin)

Many thanks to all the Eling ringers for helping, and for all those Eling Ringers who had to miss their usual practice to allow this to take place, a special thanks.

Rosalind Martin  (trainee)

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