Bold Plans for the Ten Kingston Bells (Isle of Purbeck) SDGR

Whilst occurring outside our Guild, this may be of interest to people wondering “how can I restart ringing at an under-used tower?”   RM 

Eleanor Wallace Writes:

As some of you may know, I have been working with Mike Pitman recently to try and formulate a plan to get the practices and quarter peal nights up and running at Kingston again. They are such a beautiful ring of bells, and being a Kingston ringer myself for years I hate to see them not being rung as much as they should and going to waste.

As I have finally finished university and returned to the area I now have time to dedicate myself to re-establishing a regular practice night. However, I need as much support from everyone as I can and am asking for your help. Mike and I have come up with a concept of having two practice nights and two quarters a month on a friday so that the bells are rung every week, and we hope that it at least one night a month may appeal to all ringers of any standard, so that people don’t feel pressurised to dedicate themselves every single week.

The below is the monthly structure which I am trying to introduce, and I would love to hear what you guys think, advice etc as have never done anything like this before.

The Plan

From Friday 3rd March practice nights and quarter peal nights will be resuming at Kingston from 7:30 – 9:00 pm, and we would really love for you to join us. We have a lovely sounding and very easy-going ring of ten bells (tenor 26-3-16) and we want to get them ringing regularly again with the long-term aim
of becoming a supportive teaching tower. We are aiming to create a monthly structure that caters for ringers of all abilities; whether you are a called change ringer or a surprise ringer we hope to provide something for everyone.

1st Friday of the Month – Open Practice Night

Any ringer of any ability who is interested in getting practice at ten bell ringing is more than welcome. Ringing will range from Rounds and Called Changes to Plain Caters and Royal, as well as any six to eight bell ringing if its requested. Whatever you’re learning, come along! Any more advanced ringers who can help out will also be very much appreciated too.

2nd Friday – Advanced Ten Bell Practice

For ringers who want to challenge themselves learning Surprise Royal or just want to keep the cobwebs off.  We will be practicing the Standard Eight Surprise Royal methods (and others as time goes on) with a special method to focus on every week.

3rd Friday – Open Quarter Peal

Whatever the method or number of bells, if you fancy ringing a quarter peal then let us know and we will try to organise it for you. This night is aimed at giving people of all standards quarter peal practice and achieving firsts in method etc. Just pop an email to Eleanor Wallace (form below)

4th Friday – Advanced Quarter Peal

We will be working through the Standard Eight Surprise Royal (and others afterwards) quarter peals. If you’re interested in getting involved, achieving firsts in Surprise Royal etc. just send an email to Eleanor:

  • Hursley 12-Bell Practicce – Friday 23rd March

    Hursley’s 4th Friday of the month 12 Bell practice this week Friday 23rd. Anyone wishing to ring on 12 Bells is welcome to come along and join us. Hopefully we’ll be able to ring some or all of Cambridge, Yorkshire, Bristol Max, Grandsire and Stedman Cinques. But, as usual what we ring will depend on who comes along; so anything from rounds and call changes to Bristol Max.

    If you can’t make this week’s practice, you’ll always be welcome any Friday night.


  • Sacred Heart – Practice starts at 6.15 on March 19th.

    Practice will start at 6.15 on the 19th, Due to a short service at 6pm.

    Sorry for the late notice, I only found out this morning and have been out all day.

    So look up All Saints and Stedman. Pub time will start at the usual time of 7.30pm.

  • 8 Bell Practice at Hurstbourne Priors Thurs 22nd March
    Dear all,
    It’s the 4th Thursday of the month this week, on Thursday 22nd March 2018, time for our monthly 8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors from 7:30pm.
    I’ve had a request for Double Norwich, and we will also ring a selection from the usual repertoire of Grandsire Triples, Stedman Triples, and various Surprise Major methods, depending on demand and the abilities of those present.
    Hope to see you there.
    Helen and Roger Thomas

    Ryde are hosting a meeting on Sunday, 25th March, in All Saints’ Church hall at 2pm to discuss the Guild’s and Central Council’s approach to how we go about marking the Centenary of Armistice of the Great War on Sunday, 11th November, particularly here on the Island as we have no other areas to easily call on for help in organising events at towers.

    Refreshments will be available. Any comments or queries please contact Viv Nobbs, you know where she lurks!

    great war poster


    Please note that the Arreton practice scheduled for this evening, Monday, 19th March,  has been cancelled owing to weather conditions in the area.

  • How to Prepare the Weekly News


    1. To create an easily-navigated summary of the news for all members who opt in, to know what’s on and what’s interesting. It is suitable to be sent out on a weekly basis (currently Weds/Thurs) via email and Facebook.
    2. To inspire members who wish to, to ring more frequently, and to aim for a higher standard.


    1. To draw members’ attention to new events
    2. To summarise all known events and allow members to click for more information
    3. To share news which is traditionally cascaded down through the “normal” channels, generated by the Guild committees, District Committees, Towers, CCCBR, ART and other external bellringing organsiations
    4. To encourage all event organisers to share their own information (from practice night cancellations through to special practices)
    5. To share specially written news (for example writeups of events, significant performances etc) which otherwise might only reach a small audience.
    6. To drive traffic from members onto the website


    Start with the email you received from last week’s news edition, you can click through from that onto old material or anything needing alteration. The minimum jobs to create a sensible weekly news are:

    1. All posts which went out as top slot last week need to be reduced to headline (if they are future events) or de-topslot-ed and archived (if news).
    2. All events which are now in the past need to be archived. The clever way to do this is described below – if you want a simple approach, just tick “archive” on all these posts. This will take them out of all news streams.
    3. If you are confident to do so, please do the date stamp cascade.
    4. All newly received news items need to be added to the website.
    5. After a short while (can be up to 30 minutes) all these changes will cascade through the news feeds and you are free to send out the weekly news.


    The Date Stamp Cascade

    Once a week, some time between Saturday and Wednesday, the date stamps should  be shuffled up in a “they all roll over and one fell out” manner. The following series of instructions and images explains this – please allow an hour the first time you do this. It is believed to be the most complex task on the website!!! If you are just putting out the weekly news as a one-off it can be left for a week with no ill effects, as long as you have marked as “archive” all past events.

    The “1 THIS WEEK” category will contain a date stamp for a completed week and almost all the events will need to be archived. The screen shot below is from the category editor  and is being viewed after the 16th of March, so it is likely that all 13 items should be archived. Click the number (in this case the 13) to display all the relevant posts. Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.17.23

    See below for the post editor.  Click the box beside “Title” to select ALL the posts BUT check visually that all should actually be archived. Sometimes posts are ongoing and need to be left as news. Untick any like that. Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.20.15

    Then select the Bulk Action “EDIT”, search within the page for the word “archive” and tick the archive category and click UPDATE.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.25.03

    Now go back to the category editor,  it is time to CAREFULLY delete the date stamp 2018 Mar 10th-16th entirely. To do this, hover over it and select the option “delete”. The category will disappear forever, but the 13 posts involved will be undamaged.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.26.56

    Now it is time to correctly allocate the current week to “1 THIS WEEK”.  I am writing this on March 19th so the date stamp 2018 Mar 17th-23rd should be under “1 THIS WEEK” but is sitting under “2 NEXT WEEK” at the moment. Hover over it and select EDIT

    Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.31.54

    This will move you to the screen shown below.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.32.46

    Click on the parent category of 2 NEXT WEEK and change it to 1 THIS WEEK and press UPDATE.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.35.09

    Now return to the cateogry editor.  Now the next date stamp, in this case 2018 Mar 24th-30th, needs to have its parent set to 2 NEXT WEEK:

    Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.36.32

    Now the gaps left by each move will need to be filled, until the date stamps are all in the correct slots.

    The screen shot below shows a correct set of date stamps in this week, next week, rest of this month, and next month. They should show the following date stamps:

    1 THIS WEEK – the current date stamp for today.

    2 NEXT WEEK – the date stamp for a week today.

    3 REST OF THIS MONTH – the next 2 stamps

    4 NEXT MONTH – the next 4 stamps

    1 MONTH AFTER NEXT – the next 4 stamps

    LONG TERM INVITATION (other) – the next 4 stamps

    It is sensible to create one new future stamp to replace the one you deleted – if you forget, you will have to do it when the first event is posted for that future week. The image below shows the correct set of date stamps in place on 19th March 2018. Please note one-digit numbers are preceded by zero to help the dates sort in a correct manner. Month names sadly don’t work properly so Jun shows before May. Oh well!!!

    Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.57.31


  • Surprise Royal Practice – Next one April 22nd – RSVP

    Hi all,

    Due to a number of people being away, we are too short of people in March for a Surprise Royal practice to take place. 

    So to confirm – there will be NO PRACTICE in March

    Looking ahead to April things look slightly better, so please use the following link to let me know if you can make the April practice. 

    Sunday April 22nd – 14:00 – 15:30

    I’ll update you in early April as to the likelihood of the practice going ahead. 


    Daniel Graham

  • Winchester District Training Morning – April 7th, 9.30-11.30am at Wonston

    Dear All,

    Our next training session, on Grandsire Doubles is fast coming up on the horizon, April 7th, three weeks today. This will suit people who can ring the treble to doubles methods; there will also be opportunities for people wishing to practise calling plain courses and touches of Grandsire.

    As usual please let Jenny Watson know by April 3rd if you wish to take part as a student or as a helper.

    And, as I am writing, don’t forget we have a District Practice at Sherfield English next Tuesday, 20th March. I attach the poster in case you wish to forward it to your members, as it has the grid reference and the postcode

    Hope to see lots of you there!

    Best wishes meanwhile,

    District Secretary

    Link to Poster for Training Event

    Link to Poster for District Practice on Tuesday 20th March

  • Roger says “Thank you” for a very well attended practice night.

    Hi all,

    Just to say what a wonderful turn out on Saturday at Petersfield for the Plain Hunting practice, and I hope you all got something from it on what was a very busy night, with 26 attending, and can I say a big thank you to all of our helpers. Its not to difficult to organize a practice for what ever method, however it only works when we get the type of result that we had on Saturday, and make no mistake it does make me feel good, so thank you one and all.
    The next practice will be at St Mary Liss on Saturday 14th April, 5.30-7.30pm for calling touches of Doubles and Triples, Plain Bob, Grandsire or Stedman, however if we have enough on the night and you would like to try something else that will be OK, such as Minor or Major. You will need to have looked something up before the night and if you need any help I,we are here to help.
    I am arranging  a practice for Surprise Major on Saturday 12th May 5.30-7.30 and hope this will be at Holybourne, to be confirmed!
    For future practices I do have some things in mind, however if there is something that any of you would like to try then let me know and I will do my best to get it sorted for you.
    All best wishes,
  • “Ringing Round Devon” March Edition

    The March edition of “Ringing Round Devon” is available to download here.


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