Bold Plans for the Ten Kingston Bells (Isle of Purbeck) SDGR

Whilst occurring outside our Guild, this may be of interest to people wondering “how can I restart ringing at an under-used tower?”   RM 

Eleanor Wallace Writes:

As some of you may know, I have been working with Mike Pitman recently to try and formulate a plan to get the practices and quarter peal nights up and running at Kingston again. They are such a beautiful ring of bells, and being a Kingston ringer myself for years I hate to see them not being rung as much as they should and going to waste.

As I have finally finished university and returned to the area I now have time to dedicate myself to re-establishing a regular practice night. However, I need as much support from everyone as I can and am asking for your help. Mike and I have come up with a concept of having two practice nights and two quarters a month on a friday so that the bells are rung every week, and we hope that it at least one night a month may appeal to all ringers of any standard, so that people don’t feel pressurised to dedicate themselves every single week.

The below is the monthly structure which I am trying to introduce, and I would love to hear what you guys think, advice etc as have never done anything like this before.

The Plan

From Friday 3rd March practice nights and quarter peal nights will be resuming at Kingston from 7:30 – 9:00 pm, and we would really love for you to join us. We have a lovely sounding and very easy-going ring of ten bells (tenor 26-3-16) and we want to get them ringing regularly again with the long-term aim
of becoming a supportive teaching tower. We are aiming to create a monthly structure that caters for ringers of all abilities; whether you are a called change ringer or a surprise ringer we hope to provide something for everyone.

1st Friday of the Month – Open Practice Night

Any ringer of any ability who is interested in getting practice at ten bell ringing is more than welcome. Ringing will range from Rounds and Called Changes to Plain Caters and Royal, as well as any six to eight bell ringing if its requested. Whatever you’re learning, come along! Any more advanced ringers who can help out will also be very much appreciated too.

2nd Friday – Advanced Ten Bell Practice

For ringers who want to challenge themselves learning Surprise Royal or just want to keep the cobwebs off.  We will be practicing the Standard Eight Surprise Royal methods (and others as time goes on) with a special method to focus on every week.

3rd Friday – Open Quarter Peal

Whatever the method or number of bells, if you fancy ringing a quarter peal then let us know and we will try to organise it for you. This night is aimed at giving people of all standards quarter peal practice and achieving firsts in method etc. Just pop an email to Eleanor Wallace (form below)

4th Friday – Advanced Quarter Peal

We will be working through the Standard Eight Surprise Royal (and others afterwards) quarter peals. If you’re interested in getting involved, achieving firsts in Surprise Royal etc. just send an email to Eleanor:

  • New Guild Garments

    Now that towers have re-opened again after the covid restrictions and lockdowns of the past couple of years, together with the huge amount of teaching and the welcome influx of new ringers, the time seems right to order some new sweatshirts and polo shirts, bearing the Guild logo.   In effect, we have been able to keep the prices down to the 2016 levels, which is good news.   Inevitably postage has increased, which is beyond our control, but I am hoping that we have left sufficient time to get garments to the towers without anybody needing to use the post.

    Below is the up-to-date order form (both Word and PDF versions) which contains all the details.   We have given as much choice as possible, but sadly not every colour is available in every size so you need to check carefully.    Ladies:  the ladies’ polo shirts are slightly tapered, but if (like me!) you prefer a slightly looser fit to allow ease of movement when stretching up, I suggest you consider the men’s polo shirts as these are straight-sided and a more generous fit.

    If you have any queries at all before you order, please let me know – contact details on the form.

    Christine Knights-Whittome

  • A&P News: District Practice at Warnford Church on 2nd July 2022 & Ringing for Revd Alison Waterhouse at Petersfield

    Simon Poyser,  Chairman and Roger Barber,  Ringing Master of the Alton & Petersfield District Bell Ringers organized the District Practice ringing event on Saturday 2nd July. 

    A warm welcome was given by Edwin Grimshaw, Tower Captain at Warnford Church which hosted the early evening  of general ringing.  This was followed by a visit to The George & Falcon, Warnford for supper and drinks.  

    The ringers who took part in the practice at Warnford Church including young Christopher who had his first lesson.
    Photograph taken by Caroline M Welsh 

    The Sunday morning ringing  on the 3rd July was in celebration of the Revd Alison Waterhouse’s first communion service at St. Peter’s, Petersfield after being ordained as a priest at Portsmouth Cathedral on Saturday 2nd July.

  • Contact Peta Steadman Bee

    Email: Use Form

  • Guild Peal Fees

    Guild Peal Fees can now be remitted using the following online banking details:-

    Account Name: Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

    Sort Code: 30-98-97

    Account No: 84644363

    Reference: Peal Date (DDMMYY)

    Account Type: Business (if asked)

    To aid reconciliation, if the amount remitted covers multiple peals, please kindly send me a brief email with the appropriate detail (i.e Date & Place).

    I would very much encourage the use of this new online facility in the first instance but I am still happy to receive cash/cheques if you would prefer to pay that way.

    Kind regards,

    Ian Carey – Honorary Peal Recorder

  • Contact the Guild Master (Rachael Barber)

    Address: 24 Rushfield Road, Liss, Hants. GU33 7LW

    Mobile: 07714 325059

  • Guild Insurance Webinar – Recording Now Available

    A webinar was held on Saturday 18th June 2022 with a presentation given by Marcus Booth from Ecclesiastical Insurance (and a bell ringer) to provide an overview of the Guild Insurance cover and what this means for our members including, public liability, personal accident cover and insurance for bell maintenance.

    For those unable to attend, a recording of the presentation is available to watch below. If you are on a slow connection, you may need to download the recording before you start to watch it.

    The slides from the presentation that Marcus went through are also available to download.

  • 200 Club June 2022 draw held at the Guild AGM – Saturday 11th June

    The latest draw for the W&P 200 Club took place immediately after the AGM in St Laurence church hall, Alton, on Saturday 11th June. The results were as follows:

    Draw date: 11th June 2022

    Draw for April to July money

    Prize Prize Accumulation £46.00 Winning
    First 50% £23.00 19 Roy & Anne LeMarechal
    Second 20% £9.20 7 Jan Allnutt
    Third 10% £4.60 15 Viv Nobbs
    Fourth 10% £4.60 36 Roger Booth
    Fifth 5% £2.30 16 Graham Nobbs
    Sixth 5% £2.30 32 Piers Armstrong 1

    £46 will go to the Training and Development Fund from this draw.  More members would be most welcome – the more members, the greater the prizes and the more money for Guild training and development.

    Robin Milford

  • All About Rachael Barber – new Guild Master

    I learnt to ring together with my Dad when I was 13. My home Tower was a steady 19cwt ring of 8 bells in the Guildford Diocesan Guild, and despite it not being the most ‘trendy’ activity amongst school kids in the 1980’s, I loved ringing! It was a great thing to do with a parent, we would drive to Practices testing each other’s knowledge of the circle of work of Plain Bob Doubles and it was all great fun! Eventually my Mum started ringing too…she figured if she was going to wait in the car for me to ring on Sunday mornings, she might as well join us, and so ringing became very much a family activity. Whilst at University in Norwich, I rang with the local band at St Giles on the Hill. The ringers here made me very welcome, despite being slightly unconventional for a bellringer in black ‘gothic’ attire at that time! I would give the elderly ex-Tower Captain a lift to ringing on Sunday mornings, and he’d tell me tales about ringing as a lad, and the rivalry between ringers at St Giles and Mancroft. In 1993, I returned home and joined my parents ringing at a Tower just over the border in the Winchester & Portsmouth Guild, who needed help to establish a new band of ringers…….and this is where I got my first opportunity to teach. We taught quite a few ringers at this Tower, and always the sessions were filled with laughter and a sense of teamwork as we worked towards building the band and fundraising to restore the bells. As we were drawn into the wider ringing of the Alton & Petersfield District, I had the opportunity to help teach three youngsters to ring at Selborne. And this became my home Tower, and has remained so for the last 25 years. Teaching is the one thing I love most about bellringing, and it was great to become a regular Tutor on the W&P Education Days and then on the Crowthorne and Bradfield Ringing Courses. And perhaps linked to this, is the other most important thing to me about bellringing – the people! I’m fortunate to have a delightfully kind and friendly band at my home Tower, and to me it doesn’t matter what we ring, but that we’re ringing together. Ringing is a bridge between young and old, between people with different backgrounds and experiences. There’s more to being a member of a band than just ringing, I’m a great believer in finding space for every ringer whatever their skill level, and making Towers welcoming places that people want to return to each week. I’m not a prolific Peal ringer, only 35 to date, but personally quietly pleased with my Peal of 8-Spliced “all the work”! I’m a Tower Captain, Steeple Keeper, District Communications Officer, and have previously acted as District Ringing Master and Newsletter Editor. I’m happy to get up in the belfry to “hands-on” help with bell restoration work, and not bad at splicing ropes! I’m a Research Biologist by trade, working in pharmaceutical drug discovery. Ringing is such a diverse activity, and whatever your passion within the Exercise, I look forward to sharing the next three years with you all as Guild Master.

  • Guild AGM 2022 – Detailed arrangements -Saturday 11th June

    The Alton & Petersfield District warmly welcomes you to attend the Guild AGM on Saturday 11th June!

    Here is an overview of the day, but please download thesee the document below using the ‘Download’ button for the detailed arrangements, including timings, locations, links and maps.

    Guild AGM Schedule (Saturday 11th June):

    10:00am – 12:00noon              Inter-District striking competition at West Meon.

    11:00am – 12:30pm                General ringing at Bentworth.

    11:30am – 1:00pm                  General ringing at Chawton.

    Lunch (own arrangements)

    2:00pm – 2:50pm                    General ringing at Holybourne.

    3:00pm – 3:30pm                    Service at Holybourne.

    4:15pm – 6:00pm                    Annual Guild Meeting at St Lawrence Church Hall, Alton.

    6:15pm – 7:00pm                    Ringer’s Buffet Tea & Refreshments.

    7:00pm – 8:00pm                    General ringing at St Lawrence, Alton.

    To avoid disappointment, please book your place in the Hall for the Tea & Meeting as soon as possible (and before 10pm on Wednesday 8th June) using the following link:

    You are welcome to attend any individual part(s) of the day, or the entire day, according to your preference/availability!

    REMINDER: Please could District Ringing Masters notify Pete Jordan (Guild Master) of their intention to enter a District team(s) before the closing date of Saturday 28th May.

    With best wishes, and look forward to seeing you on 11th June.

    Rachael Barber

    A&P District Communications Officer

  • Guild Newsletter – Spring 2022

    The Spring 2022 edition of the Guild Newsletter is now available! You can read it directly online below, or download a copy using the ‘download’ button.

    Huge thanks to all who have contributed. Please feel free to send any future news articles to

    Happy reading!

    The Communications Committee

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