Bold Plans for the Ten Kingston Bells (Isle of Purbeck) SDGR

Whilst occurring outside our Guild, this may be of interest to people wondering “how can I restart ringing at an under-used tower?”   RM 

Eleanor Wallace Writes:

As some of you may know, I have been working with Mike Pitman recently to try and formulate a plan to get the practices and quarter peal nights up and running at Kingston again. They are such a beautiful ring of bells, and being a Kingston ringer myself for years I hate to see them not being rung as much as they should and going to waste.

As I have finally finished university and returned to the area I now have time to dedicate myself to re-establishing a regular practice night. However, I need as much support from everyone as I can and am asking for your help. Mike and I have come up with a concept of having two practice nights and two quarters a month on a friday so that the bells are rung every week, and we hope that it at least one night a month may appeal to all ringers of any standard, so that people don’t feel pressurised to dedicate themselves every single week.

The below is the monthly structure which I am trying to introduce, and I would love to hear what you guys think, advice etc as have never done anything like this before.

The Plan

From Friday 3rd March practice nights and quarter peal nights will be resuming at Kingston from 7:30 – 9:00 pm, and we would really love for you to join us. We have a lovely sounding and very easy-going ring of ten bells (tenor 26-3-16) and we want to get them ringing regularly again with the long-term aim
of becoming a supportive teaching tower. We are aiming to create a monthly structure that caters for ringers of all abilities; whether you are a called change ringer or a surprise ringer we hope to provide something for everyone.

1st Friday of the Month – Open Practice Night

Any ringer of any ability who is interested in getting practice at ten bell ringing is more than welcome. Ringing will range from Rounds and Called Changes to Plain Caters and Royal, as well as any six to eight bell ringing if its requested. Whatever you’re learning, come along! Any more advanced ringers who can help out will also be very much appreciated too.

2nd Friday – Advanced Ten Bell Practice

For ringers who want to challenge themselves learning Surprise Royal or just want to keep the cobwebs off.  We will be practicing the Standard Eight Surprise Royal methods (and others as time goes on) with a special method to focus on every week.

3rd Friday – Open Quarter Peal

Whatever the method or number of bells, if you fancy ringing a quarter peal then let us know and we will try to organise it for you. This night is aimed at giving people of all standards quarter peal practice and achieving firsts in method etc. Just pop an email to Eleanor Wallace (form below)

4th Friday – Advanced Quarter Peal

We will be working through the Standard Eight Surprise Royal (and others afterwards) quarter peals. If you’re interested in getting involved, achieving firsts in Surprise Royal etc. just send an email to Eleanor:

  • C&S District Monthly Surprise Major Practices at Ringwood

    Due to night time road closures in and around Ringwood we will be starting these practices, a little earlier than usual – 7.15 pm., allowing some to leave before detours come into force.  Commencing 2nd December and for the foreseeable future.  Finishing time will be 9.00 pm.

    We had good support for the 4th November practice with single methods and 8-spliced.  It’s been suggested we re-introduce an occasional special method and Cornwall has been suggested.  

    It will be good to have more support so that we can guarantee a wider ranging practice for all those coming along.  Feel free to forward this information to all who you think will be interested in joining in.

    Ventilation-wise, I recollect the 4th November practice achieved 800 ppm CO2 within the ringing chamber, so pretty-well ventilated.  We also have a new heater that proved to be beneficial.

    Alan Bentley


  • 200 Club – November 2021 Draw Results

    The November draw for the 200 Club was held at Botley practice on Thursday 18th November, as the Executive Committee meeting on the 20th was being held via Zoom.

    The results were as follows:

    Draw date: 18/11/2021

    Draw for August to November money

    Prize Prize Accumulation £50.00 Winning 
    First 50% £25.00 4 Rob Hatch
    Second 20% £10.00 6 Pete Jordan
    Third 10% £5.00 1 Robin Milford
    Fourth 10% £5.00 13 Allan R Yalden
    Fifth 5% £2.50 5 Christine Knights-Whittome
    Sixth 5% £2.50 35 Piers Armstrong 2

    Money to Training & Development Fund from this draw is £43.

    Prizes will be distributed shortly, as will the total to the Training and Development Fund from this year’s draws, which is £145.

    New members are always welcome – please see the details on the website 200 Club page and get in touch with me.

    Robin Milford

  • A&P District Ringing and Afternoon Tea with Mince Pies – Warnford and East Meon – Saturday 4th December

    Alton & Petersfield District are holding an afternoon of general ringing at Warnford followed by afternoon tea/coffee, mince pies and cakes at the George & Falcon, Warnford, finishing off with evening ringing at East Meon. All welcome.

    Please confirm name and numbers coming to A&P District Chairman asap. (to ensure we carry on ringing, can those attending please take a lateral flow test beforehand please)

    Details as follows: 
    3pm to 4.15pm – Warnford (6, 12cwt) 

    Ringing at ‘The church of our Lady’ for the first time in a while for the district. Open to all. Ground Floor ring. 

    4.15pm to 5.30pm Afternoon tea/coffee cakes/mince pies now booked at George and Falcon Warnford. £4.50p per person.

    5.45pm to 7.30pm – East Meon (10, 18cwt) 

    General ringing on 10 bells especially for those who haven’t had experience on higher numbers.
    Afterwards = A Pub in East Meon. 

    Additional Precautionary Note: We have all been very careful so far in terms of our ringing and precautions even with a continued threat of covid in its various forms. For ringing, those who remain at risk and on high alert we understand if you don’t join us presently. We have all taken necessary measures, vaccinated, boosted, masks worn, used sanitisers rigorously. For this weekend and the following weeks leading to Christmas, we simply ask this: If you feel rough, stay home, if you are coming take a ‘lateral flow test’ beforehand, if you come along and you want to mask up, please do.

    I hope that we can enjoy our time together.

    Simon Poyser

    A&P District Chairman

  • C&S District Practice and Carol Service – Saturday 4th December 2021, 3pm at Milford-on-Sea

    C&S District Practice and Carol Service – Saturday 4th December from 3pm at Milford-on-Sea.
    We ask that you take a lateral flow test before attending and do not come if the test is positive or you have symptoms.
    Face covering preferred

  • Petersfield – Armistice Day & Remembrance Sunday Ringing 2021

    Thursday 11th November Armistice Day 

    The St Peter’s Church Bell Ringers with help from other ringers in the area rang call changes for three quarters of an hour before the Armistice Day service at the Petersfield War Memorial at 11am.  This was the first time that the ringers have rung before the service at the Petersfield War Memorial when the 11th occurs  during the week. 

    Ringers included in the photograph are: 

    Left to Right Front Row: Madeline King, Sue Walker, Jackie Downham, Malcolm Wigmore.

    Back Row:   David Cooper, Martin How, and Brian Underwood  who called the Call Changes, and David Malone. 

    Photographs taken by Mary Broadbridge 

    ( Joy Martin & Mary Broadbridge (Tower Captain) not included in the photograph also rang), 

    St Peter’s Church Petersfield Bell Ringers  Remembrance Sunday 14th November 2021

    Some of the St Peter’s church Bell Ringers who rang for Remembrance Sunday 2021.

    Left to Right:   Joy Martin, Sue Walker, Madeline King, Mary Broadbridge (Tower Captain), John Downham, Jackie Downham, Malcolm Wigmore and David Malone. 

    Photograph taken by Caroline M Welsh.

    Other ringers not included in this photograph were Paula Tribe, Sally Wedley and James Wedley. 

    The poppy wreath in memory of Bell Ringers who had died and served their country in conflict was placed at the War Memorial after the ringing. 

    Caroline Welsh


  • 200 Club prizes delivered by bike!


    Well, we really didn’t expect our 200 Club prizes to be delivered personally by the man himself, Robin Milford!

    On a very hot, sunny day in the summer, we were sat doing ‘Not a lot’ and there was a knock at the door…‘Hello’, said Robin, ‘I’ve brought your 200 Club prizes!’

    He had decided to have a day out on his bike and the Isle of Wight had taken his fancy. He seemed to have enjoyed his adventures and we all had a great time catching up.

    We can recommend joining the 200 Club if you haven’t already but we cannot guarantee personal delivery of prizes every time! 

    Please see

    It supports our Guild’s Training and Development initiatives and Young Ringers. The more entering the draw, the bigger the prizes!

    Viv and Graham Nobbs
    All Saints’, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

    Robin and Graham

    Robin, Viv and our cat ‘Wolfie’.

    Robin about to leave us for his return cycle home

  • Winchester District Newsletter – November 2021

    District Autumn General Meeting
    The next Quarterly District Meeting is t be held on Saturday 13th November from 10 am and will be held on Zoom. To join the Zoom Meeting visit
    Meeting ID: 836 7970 2971. Passcode: 181501

    I will open the Zoom link from 9.30 am. Since I don’t know many of you and need to note down attendees, it would be useful if you could make sure your name is visible when you join on Zoom and not a nickname or someone else’s name or the name of your computer or mobile! You can temporarily change the name showing on the screen by right clicking on it and renaming yourself. 

    Link to the agenda and unconfirmed minutes of the previous meeting held on 13th February 2021.

    Please forward any apologies to me  or 07563 753079
    Micki Nadal, Winchester District Secretary

     Twyford restoration project underway

    One of the new Twyford bells being cast at Loughborough on 4th November 2021 (Elizabeth Johnson)

    The project to restore the bells at Twyford is now under way and two of the three new bells have already been cast at Loughborough. The existing bells are due to be removed from the tower in January/February, and to go back around Easter 2022, once the frame has been shot blasted and repainted. There is currently a £13,000 shortfall on this £85,000 project, but this can be reduced if people come forward and volunteer to help the bell-hangers with the removal and installation work.
    The parish also have a number of fund-raising events planned over the next few months to help reduce the shortfall, including a concert on 24th November and a quiz evening in January.

    New band at Cheriton
    Following a successful recruitment event at Cheriton Parish Fete on Bank Holiday Monday using the Charmborough Ring, nine people have come forward to learn to ring. A taster evening was held a few weeks later, followed by three weeks of intensive bell-handling lessons. Each new ringer came on average twice a week so they have each received about six hours of solid one-to-one practice on a solo bell. Special thanks go to Roy LeMarechal, Peter Hill and Ian Redway for their expert help. Caroline Fairley has also been helping as a teaching assistant and learning to teach.

    The new ringers are now sufficiently advanced to start ringing rounds and we have started holding two practices a week.  One on Monday afternoons at 2.30pm and the other on Thursday evenings, although for the next few weeks these need to fit round other events in the church, so some weeks we start at 6.15pm and finish by 7.30pm; other weeks we start at 7.30pm.

    The band have set themselves the objective of ringing rounds together before the parish carol service at 3pm on Sunday 19th December 2021. The Alresford ringers have kindly loaned some of their simulator equipment, which helps reduce the need for help, although more help is always welcome. 

    Can you help?
    Next year we would like to help other towers in the District recruit and train new ringers after the pandemic. A few months ago we circulated a short questionnaire inviting members to indicate whether they are prepared to help out with weddings, Sunday ringing, practices and teaching new ringers at other towers in the District. This has certainly helped with the work at Cheriton, but we could help more towers if we had more offers of help. If you have not already done so, please take a couple on minutes to compete the short questionnaire:

  • Surprise Major Practice – Selborne – Saturday 27th November – 6.30-8.30pm

    Methods: Cambridge, Yorkshire, Bristol (Gathering afterwards at the Selborne Arms for those that would like to)

    Selborne would again like to invite Surprise Major ringers in the area to a Practice!

    The Practice held in October was very successful and it was so lovely to see so many of you again after the long interval. We will continue to focus on Cambridge, Yorkshire and Bristol (3 leads or a full Course if we have enough for that).

    To help the Practice run smoothly, it would be much appreciated if you could please come prepared by looking up the methods you’d like to ring in advance.

    Selborne is fortunate to have a well-ventilated ringing chamber, and space to spread out in the church. The Practice will be run by A&P District Ringing Master, Roger Barber.

    Your support to get the A&P ringing these again is much appreciated….look forward to seeing you there!

  • A&P District Practice – St. Mary’s Liss – Saturday 13th November – 5.30-7.30pm

    Hi all,

    There will be a district practice at St Mary Liss from 5.30-7.30pm on Saturday 13th November for general ringing.

    Hope to see you there!



  • Petersfield, St Peter’s Church Bell Ringers – Ringing for COP 26 UN Global Climate Conference in Glasgow

    St Peter’s Church Bell ringers, some of the band fairly new to ringing, rang rounds and call changes to mark the starting of the COP 26 UN Global Climate Conference in Glasgow.  

    St Peter’s Church Bell Ringers Petersfield rang to mark the COP 26 United Nations Global Climate Conference in Glasgow.
    Left to Right:  Madeline Kind, James Wedley, Sally Wedley, Erin Halder, Nick Halder, Christine Rushton, David Malone, Mary Broadbridge (Tower Captain), Alice Waterhouse.

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