A wonderful end to the year for the Elizabeth College Boys who ring at Town Church, Guernsey…

Following on from their successful ringing for their Carol Service and the States of Guernsey Carol Service, both at the Town Church, we rang two QPs which included 3 “firsts” for boys:

  • On 14 December Josh Colton rang his 1st QP while for Joe Berry it was his 1st inside (Plain Bob Doubles).
  • 16 December was Jude Buckley’s 1st QP, Plain Bob Doubles to which he rang the treble.

On Sunday we were short of a tenor ringer so Will Stoddart happily joined us to ring Grandsire Doubles. Last month Will rang his first peal so this quarter must have passed in a flash!

Great to see so much progress from the boys!

qp-band-guernsey-14-december-2016Above: 14 December left to right
Sue Le Feuvre
Joe Berry
Jane Le Conte
Duncan Loweth
Sue Park
Josh Colton


Above: 16 December left to right
Duncan Loweth
Jude Buckley
John David
Janice Firth
Mike Bubb
Sue Le Feuvre
Photos by Sue Le Feuvre Used by permission

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