New Video Launched – Raising and Lowering Skills

ARTlogoART is pleased to announce the launch of the second Learning the Ropes ® DVD – this one focussing on the skills and knowledge needed for Raising and Lowering.
The new DVD contains almost an hour of specially commissioned footage exploring all aspects of raising and lowering. Separated into convenient chapters, the DVD includes sections on chiming, raising a bell, lowering a bell, raising in peal, lowering in peal, trebling up and trebling down.
Through-out there are examples of good raises and lowers and the DVD also places in context the skills which help develop the competences of bell handling, teamwork, listening and other core skills we use in ringing generally.
Techniques to help you learn or teach to raise or lower a single bell or in peal are fully dealt with as well as the issues you face when learning to ring or treble up and down in peal. A number of ideas to allow effective practice are demonstrated.
The Raising and Lowering DVD is now available to everyone for £15 via the ART Shop . ART Members can claim a £3 discount by purchasing via the SmART Ringer Shop.

Graham Nabb
ART Chairman

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