Viv Nobbs Reports from the Guild Quiz Night (Fun, Fundraising and incidental recruitment!)

We all had a great evening at  The Happy Cheese at Ashurst on Saturday. The pub was excellent in all respects, including the generous donation of a bottle of wine for our raffle. All proceeds will be allocated to events for our Guild’s Young Ringers.
Although the evening was primarily a social event, we did encourage our raffle ticket sales! There were many generous folk dipping their hands into their wallets, including a number of pub customers. We raised £ 112  from the raffle and £ 35  from the quiz. Total £ 147.
The quiz itself saw 8 teams entering from 4 Districts the results were:
  • Winners were Christine Hill and family a.k.a.  ” WarkworthWanderers” with 46 points
  • Joint 2nd all with 39 points were:
“Finest universal campanologists known in town”
“The Jackasses”
“Vectis and Sarum United”
The other team names were Erudite Eling, Staying the Course,

Andy’s Belles and Minor Clashes.

In addition to all of this, three customers were interested in learning to ring (in the Bitterne Park area), so they were encouraged, of course,  and given the Guild website details.

We can safely say the evening was a success and there were requests for “Another quiz next year, please”!
Thanks everyone for your support.
Viv and Master Mike

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