Simple Touches of Kent Treble Bob Minor (And an introduction to complib, an online database of compositions)

I am grateful to members of the Facebook Group “Bellringers” for providing expertise on this topic, and recommendations of further sources of touches and compositions.

Touches of Kent:

To get started, here are  3 simple touches from

144 PPB PPB One bell (either 2, 3 or 4) makes the bob twice.
240 PPPBB PPPBB “The usual” 240 – one bell is called unaffected each time it goes into and out of the slow work.
240 PBPBPBPBPB Good for practice – each bell does each bob once (but does not contain 65s at backstroke).

Then From [10398]:
288 PBPPPBBPBBPP  (In, two homes, In, Out)

More about

In order to use this extensive database of touches and peal and quarter peal compositions, you will need to

  • Request a login
  • Receive the login
  • Be upgraded to be able to do extended searches of the database

Please note that when you first register, you will not be able to use the extended search feature until you have been upgraded to Power User. This should happen within 24 hours (and often a lot sooner). The delay is to allow time for Complib admins to verify that new users are actually ringers and not spammers!

These instructions were provided by Jack Pease (SDGR) and he gave permission for them to be posted here.




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