Double Norwich Education Day – Report and Next Steps

Curdridge – One of 4 towers used for the practice sessions

The Education day on Saturday was a great success, enabling eight of us who are aspiring Double Norwich ringers to get to grips with the method, understand how to ring it (largely by the treble) and get plenty of practice at ringing it with strong bands around us.

Many thanks to Christine for her meticulous organisation, Andy for the two Theory sessions, Andy and David for running the practice sessions, and all the helpers for being the two expert bands to ring with.

By lunchtime two things had become clear – first, what a musical and rewarding method this is to ring (as musical as Bristol); and second, that there would be much work to be done by all of us, before we could consider ourselves as confident with it – confident enough to attend a future course as a helper, or to score a Quarter Peal. And for most of us (if not all) that practice cannot take place in the normal round of ringing that we participate in. Effort, and not a little ingenuity, will be required.

So, we have been debating a number of ideas  and so far we have come up with:

Self Help

  • We can continue with individual homework on paper, using Abel and other software, and challenging ourselves maybe to ring a peal a month? Or a Quarter a week? A touch a day?
  • Look for local opportunities to ring Double Court Bob Minor – it’s easier, and obviously requires fewer people, but keeps some of the relevant skills honed.

Further Practice in the Tower

Mindful of the difficulties which always arise, in terms of travel, and people’s limited free time, we have come up with:

  • We can ask for the method to be nominated in advance of District Events, so that we can make a particular effort to attend those.
  • We can identify regular weekly practices where there are already a significant number of Double Norwich ringers and ask if we can join them on specific occasions (ringing it once over an evening can be a last minute request; ringing it multiple times would require prior agreement!!)
  • Bands with one or more aspiring ringers could ask experts to join them on specific dates for their practice nights.  Designating a bell to each, and aiming to ring 2 or 3 leads, might be an initial goal.
  • And further down the line, we may be able to arrange Quarter Peal attempts which draw on the pool of helpers from the day, if they are willing.
  • One off Special Practices could be organised in a central location.

What’s currently Planned


Underpinning all this we will need to communicate well with each other, so it was agreed in the afternoon session that an email group would be set up for the purpose of organising followup, and all present consented to become members.

Events will also be posted on the Guild Website* so that other ringers are aware, and can be involved if they wish.

*Events posted on the Guild Website are routinely shared to Facebook and Email groups within the Guild.

And finally… a video

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