Alton & Petersfield District Bell Ringers Minutes of the Autumn meeting held on Saturday 22nd October 2016 at St Mary’s, Buriton

Alton & Petersfield District Bell Ringers
Minutes of the Autumn meeting held on Saturday 22nd October 2016
at St Mary’s, Buriton

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1. Welcome & vote of thanks

The meeting opened with Stephen Hough announcing the results of the striking competition. He thanked Graham Cane for inviting him to be the judge.
The chairman then thanked Helene Tipper & the Buriton ringers for the Tea, and the competition judge Stephen Hough.

AP Striking compeition 2016 results
2. Apologies for absence

These were received from: David & Carol Cooper (Blackmoor), Leslie Wilson, Gwen Mackrell (Alton), Nicholas James (Selborne), Hugh Routh (Steep), David Hughes (Buriton)
3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
The minutes of the last meeting, held on 9th April 2016 were accepted as a correct record and signed by the chairman. The only matter arising was Darren Woodyer was elected a compounding
member for a peal, rather than a quarter peal as stated in the last minutes.

4. Election of new members:

Melanie Moore reiterated point 7D of the last meeting that new members were still being elected ‘on the nod’, with cases of candidate, proposer, or seconder not always present. She then went on to give John a full introduction to the guild, both John & Nicolette were elected unopposed.
John Leary (Petersfield) – Junior, Proposed Melanie Moore, seconded Moo Day
Nicolette Alderslade (Alton, St Lawrence) – Probationer, Proposed Matthew Watts, Seconded Mike Novell
Certificates cannot be presented at the current time due to a change of guild master, but will be presented at the AGM. John Leary did however receive a guild badge.

5. Report from the Exec Committee Representative.

Mo Routh commented on Hugh’s behalf that there hasn’t yet been a meeting held to pass comment on.

  1. Forthcoming Events

A list of events and practices for October 2016 – January 2017 was distributed.

7. Reminder of officer posts that will need electing in January.

Charlotte urged members to consider taking on officer posts that will need electing in January, she is willing to stand again as chairman, but would like to hear from anyone interested in taking this role over.
The posts of Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Committee Representative & Independent Examiner will need to be elected / re-elected. Judy Sparling’s post as Librarian will also be coming up for election / re-election.
It was clarified that the 3 year term of each post starts from the date of election.

8. Suggestion from the guild website for the sharing of information.

Valerie Harris shared her recent discussion with Rosalind Martin regards the matter, besides praising the work of Rosalind the discussion can be summarised with 2 open questions:
Q1. Could information go direct to the recipients, rather than going through a moderator?
Q2. Is email the preferred first point of contact for district events etc.
A1. If yes it was stated this would reduce the work of the secretary, the relevant bodies are in discussion to see if this is possible.
A2. This was left open to the members to talk amongst themselves, and will be bought back up again at the next meeting.
Madeline King also commented praising the work of Rosalind.

9. AOB

  • Graham Cane thanked all those who attended the district outing, and everyone who does work behind the scenes to keep the towers going.
  • Charlotte Lloyd praised Teresa Brown for her work in keeping Froxfield running, and also as a ringing teacher.
  • Roger Barber thanked Stephen Hough for being the judge for the striking competition, and is investigating the disappearance of the call change trophy.
  • Valerie Harris explained the reasons behind David Coopers absence. Graham & Roger have offered to step in with the learners at Blackmoor Tower.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 6pm.
Harry Cane (Buriton)

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