Remembrance Ringing and other news from Eling (by Derek Jackson)

Dear All,
First of all a thank you to those who rang with me last Tuesday. This was my first attempt at ringing since major surgery. I was not at all comfortable but I was delighted to be “in action” once again.
The Remembrance Day Service will be held at Eling, starting at 1045hrs. this Sunday. Our steeple keepers have fitted muffles to the bells so that we can ring them half-muffled, starting at 1000hrs Last year we rang “whole pull and stand” rounds, and Grandsire Doubles in whole- pulls. This year we can try Stedman in whole- pulls, and even “Annable’s London Surprise Minor”, which should sound majestic. During this period coffee and cakes will be served to the congregation and ringers.
By starting the Service at 1000, the 2 minutes silence will coincide with the National Silence, after which the 113 names on the Totton and Eling Roll of Honour will be read out loud. During the latter section of the service I have agreed to chime a suitable bell. I will use number 5 since this will be visible to the congregation. We will need to lower it at the end of ringing.

A word of congratulations to William, Daniel and Millie. Their names appear in full on page 1158 of this week’s edition of “The Ringing World”, marking their achievements. Well done.

I call my cat liquorice

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One thought on “Remembrance Ringing and other news from Eling (by Derek Jackson)”

  1. I am a little intrigued. When I was at school in totton I was taught church bell ringing by a schoolteacher called Derek Jackson at eling church and I wonder if this is the same Derek Jackson. I doubt if he would remember me but if it is the same person I would like to get in touch.

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