CS District Quarter Peal Club welcomes new members

We are busy organising our December Quarter Peal. If you are tempted by the plans please get in touch (contact details below). If this quarter isn’t your cup of tea but you would like to join the mailing list for future events also please do get in touch.

The Club exists to give people experience they might not be able to get in their home tower. We usually alternate Surprise and Plain methods. We always ring at 6pm on a Friday at Brockenhurst.

December Quarter Peal Attempt 6pm Friday Dec 9th at Brockenhurst

Dear All,

There are 5 ropes going for this quarter – so far it’s Jack, me and Polly who have definitely confirmed!

The method is St Nicholas Bob Triples so there’s tenor and treble to allocate as well as inside ringers and we also need to confirm a conductor – I can think of 2 likely suspects for that…

So, please can you let me know: – do you want a rope? and/or – do you want to conduct? and/or – do you want to stay for a pub meal (I need to book a table)

Kind Regards Rosalind Martin

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