Rotherwick hosts a memorial quarter peal to mark 66 years of church service!

A ringer who lives in London had an idea and this resulted in a wonderful testament to the friendly nature of ringers.

Emily Crowder wanted to honour her grandfather’s years of church service. Here is her story.

My Grandfather was a Reader in the Whitewater Benifice for 66 years. I wanted to mark his passing in his local community so contacted Alan through Doves . He invited me to ring.   It was special to be in the Church my Grandad had spent a lot of time and meet more of the church community who knew him.                                                                                                     My grandmother also listened to some of the quarter and was really touched I was involved.

Later Emily posted this on Facebook.

Bellringing is great- you make a few enquiries, reply to a couple of emails and then get invited to ring in a special quarter peal in memory of my Grandfather, reader in this parish. Lovely bells at Rotherwick, I enjoyed ringing them and joining the locals.

Well done Rotherwick.

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