John Stock writes… an update from the (temporarily) silent tower at Ryde.

Very upset at not being able to participate in Remembrance Sunday by ringing our Ryde bells this year. Your ringers are keeping their hand in by ringing for services and helping on practice nights at other Island churches, I was at Godshill yesterday and the others were at Newchurch helping out their fledgling teams.

The good news is that at long last the bits to be repaired are now ready to go for repair and I will be escorting them to Loughborough with Revd Barry Downer on Thursday this week. Hopefully then I will be able to ascertain when we can have the bits back and get our bells ringing again. Unfortunately I don’t think we are going to manage the festive season but I live in hope.

I had hoped we might be able to chime the bells left for Services but without the wheels and ropes in place we have decided this may damage the mechanism which of course we don’t want to do.

However, the ringers are meeting tomorrow with a hope we can manage to join in some way with the Christmas Services coming up.

I will keep posting as things progress so those of you missing the bells please bear with us I’m sure once the work is done we should be good for another 50 years of ringing at least! (Barring unforseen circumstances that is!)

Not sure if the ringing will be better but that won’t be the fault of the bells and we won’t have any more excuses!

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