Carisbrooke ringers will attempt a peal to honour HMS Hood’s Petty Officer.

** Update – the Peal was successful. Click to see details **
Inspired by the BBC program about raising of the bell from  HMS Hood last year a peal of Grandsire Caters, half-muffled, will be attempted at Carisbrooke on Remembrance Sunday dedicated to the memory of a local lad, Patrick Lewis Dunne who went down on H.M.S. Hood on 24th May 1941.

H.M.S. Hood had been sunk by the Bismarck in the North Atlantic. Of the 1,418 crew on board H.M.S. Hood, only three were pulled from the water alive. It was the worst loss of life from a single British warship. .

A descendant of Patrick’s, Katie Louise Dunne, has said “My great uncle was Patrick Lewis Dunne. He was a petty officer and was only 33 years old when he died; he had recently married. I believe that he lived in Carisbrooke and that his Dad was a farmer, at the farm next to Mount Joy cemetery. Its a retreat for Christians now, I think. Pat was such a brave young man and I gave my son his name in his honour”

Katie and other members of her family hope to listen to the bells and to meet the ringers after the ringing.

For information of Patrick please see:


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