Bob Doubles & Minor Guild Education Day Report 15th October 2016

A wonderful day of teaching and ringing Bob Doubles and Minor was held by the Guild.

The ringers met at Hawkley village hall for tea and biscuits and a theory session on each methods.  The ringers were then split into groups and went off to various towers in the area to put into practice the what they’d learnt.

Good progress was made by all ringers, having a steady band around them makes learning much easier.  With an hour and a half’s ringing ever ringer got plenty of rope time to help fix the method in to their mind.

A lunch at a local pub (all of which seemed to provide lovely food) and it was back to Hawkley for another theory session before heading off again for more ringing.

In the second practice most ringers not only rang plain courses but many moved on to touches, both unaffected and affected.

A big thank you goes out to the Education Committee for organising this and to all the helpers who helped make it such a good day.



2 thoughts on “Bob Doubles & Minor Guild Education Day Report 15th October 2016”

  1. Many thanks to everyone who made the day both educational and enjoyable. Having struggled with Bob Doubles for a while, the day really helped me.

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