How To Set Up a Cluster of Towers on the website

A Cluster is a group of towers that work closely together, and who would like to have a shared news stream on the website. If you want to set one up you will need to:

    1. Create a new CATEGORY with the cluster’s name as its name, and make all the affected towers into SUB-CATEGORIES of the new cluster category (this is important for merging the news streams).
    2. Create a new POST with the cluster’s name as its name. An example is Candover Valley Ringers. This gives the cluster it’s own URL – in this case, it would be Use the categories CLUSTER INFORMATION and the relevant cluster and tower names. Most clusters sit wholly inside one District so use the District’s category as well. This puts the correct menu on the left hand side, and adds the District news on the right. A nice feature image helps. Has the band already got a logo?
    3. Create a new WIDGET by copying the code from another cluster, and change the name of the cluster throughtout, and the ids of the tower pages.

That is the absolute minimum for a new cluster! Good luck! You might also want to:

  1. Create a “learn to ring” post for the cluster (if you make it cluster information, it will be displayed at the top of the widget), as well as on each of the towers’ home pages)
  2. Move all the towers to the new tower page layout.
  3. Have an overall cluster correspondent, displayed on the home page. Edit the person’s contact page, adding “cluster correspondent” and the relevant cluster name to the categories for that person.

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