Fund Raising In Memory of Ruth Cooper, Former Bellringer in Alton and Petersfield District

ruth-cooperMalcom Cooper Writes:
Many of you will remember my wife Ruth who had been an enthusiastic district bellringer since shortly after we moved to Alton in 1996 until she died in 2009 of cancer. Some of you will also know our younger son Adrian who also rang in the district prior to his permanent relocation to the Bristol area.
He is planning to do a bike ride in September from Lands End to John ‘O Groats and hopes to raise money for Cancer Research and St Michael’s Hospice. I attach some information from him below. If anyone feels able to sponsor him please do visit either or both of the Just Giving websites below. Thank you.
Hi All,
My name is Adrian Cooper, and back at the end of 2009, my mother, Ruth Cooper. passed away after a long battle with Cancer. Since then, I’ve always wanted to something in her memory that would raise as much money as possible, and a couple of years ago, after a chance conversation at work, I hit upon the idea of cycling from one end of the UK to another and this September I will be cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats. I will be looking to raise money for two charities – Cancer Research UK and St Michael’s Hospice. Both of these are very worthy causes, and the more I raise for each of them, the more Cancer Research UK will be able to fund research into new ways to beat Cancer, and St Michael’s Hospice will be able to continue giving the excellent care that they provided to Mum to other people.
Not only that, the more money raised will give me more willpower to persevere onwards with a sore posterior after spending many days in the bike saddle!
Thank you in advance for your support, it is truly appreciated.

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