BBC focus on ringing Sunday 4 September

Kate Flavell (CCCBR Public Relations Officer) Writes:

Dear PR Officers,

The BBC are going to have a focus on the recent ringing survey and Heritage Open Days on Sunday 4 September.  They are (at the moment – these things can change) intending to do TV recordings during the week commencing 30 August in Wakefield and London for use on BBC Breakfast.  I am doing a stint from 7 – 9 am for BBC local stations that morning and there is also to be something on the Radio 4 Sunday programme, although details of this are currently a little vaguer.

They are going to use the survey that was carried out at the Central Council meeting in Portsmouth in May, and focus on its findings of the need for ringing and the problems of recruitment.  I hope we can focus as much as possible on the positives and encourage people to go to visit their local church over the HOD weekend the following weekend to find out more.

Please do be ready for approaches from your own local radio and TV stations and other media, perhaps even putting out your own press release setting out what is happening in your area and where people can go to learn more about ringing.  Don’t forget to include a contact name and phone number where media can get more info. While the main focus of the Heritage Open Days is not recruitment, the BBC focus is, so we all need to be ready to tell people where they can go to learn.  It would also be great to mention whenever possible that lots of people have learnt in the past and had to give up due to pressures of eg work and family but might like to come back now – if we could regain all the lapsed ringers that would be a great start to the recruitment needed.

As I hope you will know, there is a lot of useful stuff about working with the media, press releases etc on our website here:

Please do let me know if you need any help from me on this.  With all good wishes,

Kate Flavell

Public Relations Officer

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Registered Charity number 270036


Ring for Heritage Open Days 8-11 September

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