Your Tower Page is changing…. Feedback on the designs is urgently sought!

The Communications Team has been working on a complete re-design of the tower pages on the website. The purpose is:

  • To have a single layout which copes with a huge variety of towers
  • To set up a simple way of towers having more than one page for a proper “website” within the Guild Website.
  • To give clear and helpful information to visiting ringers
  • To give clear and attractive information to potential recruits.
  • To be a useful source of information for members of the tower.

Having mocked up some ideas and discussed them within the team, we polled ringers nationally (using Facebook and Email groups), to see what they wanted to find when they visit a tower’s home page. Things that scored high on that survey, were put towards the top of the new tower pages; things that are nice to have, lower down.

One surprise was the popularity of “parking and access information” which we do not currently provide as a matter of course – there is a slot for this on every new tower page, please write some notes for your tower! 

There are now a handful of tower pages which use the design:

Before we go too much further (the actual upgrade will take some weeks because each tower needs to be separately upgraded), we would REALLY value your feedback. We would rather get this right, first time! Contact your local webmaster, comment in the Guild Facebook Group,  or email

Leave your comment on this page.....

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