Saturday Course – Plain Bob Doubles and Plain Bob Minor – 15th October at Hawkley

“…a brilliant introduction to Method Ringing. I learned so much about Plain Bob, but also about the more accurate bell handling I needed as I progressed on from Plain Hunt”

Plain Bob Doubles – for those already able to:

  • Plain hunt confidently on more than one inside bell and

  • Treble to touches of a doubles method.

Plain Bob Minor – for those who can already ring a plain course of Plain Bob Doubles.     

Applications are now open for the first of the Guild Education Committee’s Autumn courses. This will be Plain Bob Doubles and Plain Bob Minor, based at Hawkley, on Saturday 15th October.

I realise this is the holiday season and some towers do not meet in August, but if you could spread the details please to anyone in your tower whom you think would find it helpful, I would be most grateful.

Any queries – let me know. In particular I am always happy to talk to anybody who is not sure what an Education Day involves and who may be hesitant about joining in.

Many thanks.

Christine Knights-Whittome
On behalf of: The Guild Education Committee

  • Contact Andy Ingram - Telephone: 023 8084 0225 Address: Kirklee, Southampton Road, Hythe, S045 5AD Email: Use Form