How to add to a tower’s “website”

A tower has a home page for basic information (bells, contact, ringing times, postcode and church website).

It also has a widget either of its own or shared with others in a cluster.

A cluster would have one post for CLUSTER INFORMATION with a nice feature image which will be used as the home page on the widget. 

The cluster needs a category of its own (eg Bournemouth) and all the member towers need to be made subcategories of the cluster. Thus a tower cannot be a member of 2 different clusters. A member may be outside the guild – see Rochringers widget for how to program this. Out of courtesy to the other guild, such towers do not have a home page on our site but they have a news category. See Crondall. 

The band is free to add up to ten extra pages of information, all should carry the tower’s own category and the correct district category plus TOWER and TOWER INFORMATION. 

  • The ringing times post should be categorised TOWER BELL RINGING TIMES. If there is an embedded Google calendar then also tick CALENDAR PAGE. This will be embedded into the home page and the widget. You can control the layout of an extract see Christchurch Priory Ringing times for an example.
  • It is sensible to have a learn to ring at.. page which will be displayed in the tower page, the widget and the Guilds learn to ring area which is aimed at potential recruits. Category LEARN TO RING.
  • Visiting ringers like to have parking and disabled access information. Think about what makes access challening – is the entrance hard to find – is the obvious car park closed on Sundays etc etc – These can be put together or on 2 separate pages and the 2 categories and PARKING and ACCESS.  
  • Many bells have an interesting history – category HISTORY.
  • Other pages can be added as desired.

    A new post may be intended to be news to start with them become information- in which case tick both sets of categories and then drop off the NEWS category after a week. 

    Old tower information posts can be archived not deleted.

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