How To Post News about Peals and Quarters

The Headline:

Should contain the reason that this particular performance is news.

The Categories:

  • News
  • The specific tower and District where the performance was rung;
  • One of Tower/District/Guild (depending who organised it, usually Tower)
  • The organising Tower (if you didn’t ring it at home)
  • Performance (This links it to the page where are peals and quarters are displayed)
  • Headline (If it is one. Think about whether you want everyone to see it, or just members of a particular District)
  • Bellboard (if you want to copy information out of bellboard or link to it)

You might want others such as WW1, Young Ringers, Surprise Minor, etc etc…the more you use, the more widely across the website the news will be displayed.

The Tags:

Please use the appropriate tag(s) for the method(s) rung. As you start writing the tag, suggestions will pop up – if it’s a new method to the website then you will have to type in the whole name. Please be specific – Cambridge Surprise Major not just Cambridge.

The feature Image:

A picture of the band or of the person achieving a particular milestone, or one of the pictures from the media library of the church where it was rung.

The Post Contents:

The introduction – should explain what the news value of the performance is, maybe give some background.

We have permission to copy information and images from Bellboard. Be careful with the layout though because the rope numbers tend to run into the names. Copying from the pdf version of the page can make this easier. It is worth copying this across because it helps to build an archive on our site of what people are up to.


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