How To Post the Weekly News


To offer to each member of the Guild a tailored version of the current news and events, which starts with their most local information.

Time Needed:

About 10 minutes once you have got used to it. Maybe 30 the first time? Usually this is posted around 5pm on a Friday but can be any time from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday.

Before You Can Share News:

You need to be a member of the target network, and logged in to it.


  1. Facebook Groups: copy the URL of the weekly news page and paste into each group.
  2. Yahoo Email Groups: Visit the Yahoo-compatible news page and copy the contents. Make sure you are logged into yahoo as and visit the home page for the Guild’s yahoo groups Paste the news into each group in turn, adding an appropriate subject line. This is easy from a computer, harder from a phone where you will need to log in to gmail on your browser and switch to desktop mode.
  3. Google Goups:  Visit the main news page and copy the contents. Go to the google groups home page!myforums. Make sure you are logged in as Open the link to each **STARRED** group in a new tab (this will open a box for a new topic) and paste the news into the “new topic” box. Add an appropriate subject eg “Weekly News Friday 15th March”.

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