Mo Routh Writes: “What I have enjoyed about being Guild Secretary”

As the Guild seeks a new Secretary, Mo Routh Reflects on the rewards of her 3 years in the role.

I suspect I don’t think it particularly hard work, as I take pleasure in being organised and doing a job well.  I also like being in the loop with planning and decision making!
I think payback is the knowledge that I’ve done a good job, to the best of my ability, along with assisting others who are perhaps less experienced in the ‘Ways of the Guild’ (which I accept tend to the arcane!) and I hope we are gradually changing from that to a more modern approach.
 I also value having been able to give something back to the Guild after my 50 years of membership, although I feel sad others don’t always use the Guild structures to get out, meet ringers from other areas, learn and improve whilst enjoying the social aspects that ringing provides.  I know members personally from all the districts and many of my best friends have been made through ringing and not only in my own area.  However I did that before becoming secretary, so that aspect is not relevant to me, but being Guild Secretary is a useful role to encourage widening one’s friendship and acquaintance base.
Re towers and districts, increasingly these are run by people who don’t know what the Guild is for, its relevance to them, what it does or how to approach it, and I hope I’ve been able to provide a friendly ear for questions and guidance in those circumstances.

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