Outcome of the Election of Officers at the 2016 AGM

l-r Viv, Mike, Pete and Christine
l-r Viv, Mike, Pete and Christine

The election of new officers for the Guild at the AGM yesterday was very successful overall – the officers led by Viv Nobbs for the past three years were able to hand their responsibilities over to the strong new team led by Mike Winterbourne.

New faces include Mike Winterbourne the new Master, Vice-Master Pete Jordan, and Treasurer Ros Brandwood who will sit on the top table at Exec meetings alongside Tony Smith who remains as Minute Secretary.

The other new officers elected at the AGM are:

  • New Central Council Reps Allan Yalden and Andrew Johnson will serve from 29th May 2017, replacing Tony Smith and Viv Nobbs who remain in their current CCCBR roles until that date.
  • Viv Nobbs, who stepped down as Guild Master, became Public Relations Officer.

Click here to see the full list (old plus new officers)

The New Officers Introduce Themselves:

The Guild Is Still Seeking a new Secretary

The key job of Secretary which has been done by Mo Routh for the past 3 years, was not filled.

Maureen Routh, General Secretary
Maureen Routh, General Secretary

Mo said:

I have offered to caretake the role as a volunteer for (hopefully) a matter of weeks while the new officers settle in and they have a chance to find someone to take it on.  I have set a limit on this and if there is still no volunteer by the November Executive meeting, I shall step down and the Guild will have no secretary and the things I deal with will have to be taken on by other officers.  I hope it won’t come to that, and that someone else becomes secretary very soon.

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