How to Retrieve a copy of an email you sent via a contact form

Some time ago, my predecessor as webmaster asked me whether the website could be tweaked to send a copy of emails to the writer, not just the single copy it currently sends to the recipient. I couldn’t answer the question at that time, but have just worked out a “Not perfect, but better than nothing” solution. Unfortunately the answer to the question is still, strictly speaking, “no”! Sorry!

Retrieving an old message (if it isn’t too long ago) doesn’t provide a way to automatically copy emails to the person who is sending them, but the emails you send are not lost for ever. Directly after you send one, WordPress displayed a screen showing the message that you sent, and THIS page is still accessible for a while, via your browser history. Here’s how to all your recently sent emails:

  • Open your browser and search the History for the words contact sent.
  • You should see a list of any emails you have sent since you last cleared out your browser history. The title of the pages (eg Contact Fred Bloggs) is displayed, and the date you sent the message
  • Click the one you want
  • The message you sent should be on that page. You can copy it to a safe place, or print it, or whatever.

Keeping a copy of a new message as you sent it (safer)

To avoid any chance of losing an email you sent via the website, you could copy the text you wrote, as soon as the “message sent” page is displayed, and email it to yourself.

Rosalind July 2016

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