Allan Yalden – Elected as a CCCBR Rep to serve from May 2017

After 24 years in the Royal Navy, most of the time leading teams fault finding and maintaining electronics in radars, sonars, computers and missile systems I left to become a Quality Engineer and Manager for one of the RN’s major manufacturers for the following 22 years.

Throughout  that second period I had great fun as Scout Leader to 2nd Waterlooville Lion Troop organising  and running  a regular Monday evening programme and multiple camps and other similar activities.
The enjoyment came mostly from sharing that scouting experience with my best friend the late Roy Grayson (Tower Captain at St John the Baptist Purbrook).

When we retired from scouting Roy went back,  after a 40 year break, to ringing and of course it wasn’t long before I followed him to find something that has everything from a great social life to an excellent means of keeping both brain and body on its toes.

I also volunteer in the junior school I left in 1951, working in the library, helping in the classroom when asked and helping the children run the school savings bank.

I hope I may be able to use some of my experience as a positive contribution to my role as a Central Council Rep.

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