Event to mark the centenary of the end of WW1


Aim – to come together as a Guild to offer up our ringing in commemoration of all of the Guild’s ringing for the World War 1 fallen.

This ambitious project is being undertaken to mark the 100th anniversary, in 2018, of the end of  World War 1.

We will need to consider a budget and we are to register an interest in applying for Heritage Lottery Funding.

Rosemary Oakshott and Rachel Anderson have begun the mammoth task of collating the details of the relevant ringing with a view to producing two lovely books to be presented to both Cathedrals at special services in Winchester and Portsmouth – likely to be in the Spring of 2019.

It is envisaged that both volumes, one relating to each Diocese, will become historic documents, archived for many years to come and made available to future generations to research and appreciate their heritage

The ringing performances will have marked the passing of a named individual or record any subsequent ringing to commemorate it. Also included will be ringing that took place to commemorate generally those who fell during a specific battle in WW1 e.g. Jutland, Somme.

It’s hoped that space will permit the inclusion of ringing for Remembrance occasions, ringing to mark the end of WW1 in 1918 and those to mark the centenary of the end of WW1 in 2018.

Format will be alphabetically by tower, then by date, brief description of performance (including handbells, call changes and tolling) and footnote, for example the name of the fallen.

The data collection will continue to the end of 2018.

We hope that ringers will appreciate their efforts being recorded and acknowledged.
What was not particularly evident at the time this project was included in the Guild’s Action Plan, was that there appears to be great benefit to ringing by portraying a positive image of the ringing community; sharing this marvellous documentation with the non-ringing world is potentially very exciting.

By striving to connect towers with local schools and media, we’ll be commemorating the Centenary of World War 1 in a special way. We hope this will inspire young people to take a very real glimpse into the past, including learning about ringers from the early part of the C20th maybe.

Youngsters may well be encouraged to look and move forward by learning to ring. In this way, they’ll be engaging with ringers, the Church and their own local communities in a very positive and meaningful way.

To assist Rosemary and Rachel to collate more information, please submit any performance details you have, particularly records from
1914 to 1918 by email using the form below.

Rachel aims to be at the A.G.M. on 2nd July to chat to members and to encourage active participation in this great project.



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