Guild Officer Elections on July 2nd

Guild Officer Elections

We are just two weeks away from our Annual General Meeting in New Alresford and our Officer elections will be taking place there. Members have been encouraged to stand for office.

I’m pleased we were able to report last week that a candidate has come forward for the post of Master – Mike Winterbourne of Andover District.

Michael Church has advised me that he is willing to stand for election as one of the five Central Council Representatives.

I wish to stand for election to the post of Public Relations Officer.

These declared intentions do not preclude other nominations for the same posts.

It is likely that nominations will be made from the floor of the meeting on 2nd July and they can be made in advance of the meeting. Each candidate is required to provide a formal Proposer and Seconder.  These two members could be present at the A.G.M. or, if either or both are unable to attend the meeting, they can contact Mo Routh, Honorary General Secretary with their nominations.  If they are not going to be present at the AGM, please make sure she receives the details of candidate, proposer and seconder by the evening of Friday 1
st July.  There is no need for advance notice if the proposer and seconder will be at the meeting.

Nominations are invited for the following posts:

To be elected on, and to serve for 3 years from, Saturday 2nd July 2016 to the 2019 Guild A.G.M.



Hon. General Secretary 

Hon. General Treasurer

Hon. Librarian and Archivist

Hon. Peal Recorder

Hon. Report Editor

Minutes Secretary

Child Protection Officer

Independent Examiner

Public Relations Officer

Two Bell Restoration Fund Trustees (1 from each Diocese)


5 Central Council Representatives – to be elected on Saturday 2nd July 2016 and to serve for 3 years from the Central Council Annual Conference in May 2017 to be held in Edinburgh.

There were moves towards “Change” at the recent C.C.C.B.R. annual conference in Portsmouth. So, a really good opportunity here for some of us to mould the future of ringing.

For details of the Officers currently in post, please see

If you are considering volunteering to serve as an Officer and would like more information, please contact me by email using the form below, then I’d be pleased to ‘phone you if you wanted to talk in detail.

Thank you.

Viv Nobbs 

Guild Master.

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